Mission Statement

Choice Counseling and Consulting, Inc. is committed to help facilitate healthy positive change in the lives and relationships of our clients.

Our Services

Here at Choice Counseling and Consulting, we go the extra mile to meet all your counseling needs:

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Family Counseling

Help family members by creating positive healthy relationships through clear communication and to help resolve conflicts.

Couple's Counseling

   Help couples of all types to form healthy positive relationships by improving communication of want, needs, and desires and learning techniques to help resolve conflicts.  For happy coupleships they need to consistently grow change and evolve as individuals change throughout their lifespan.

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Individual Counseling

Seek counseling in a safe and caring setting, to explore your feelings, beliefs, or behaviors to better understand yourselves and others.

Adolescents/ Young Adults Counseling

 Creating a safe environment for adolescents and young adults to help develop insights and skills needed to live a happier more connected life.

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Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Illinois and Indiana

Florida out-of-state Telehealth  provider